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The #1 crypto mobile app - Powered by Empire Token

Unique fusion of DeFi and social networking

Discover trending projects

Explore the hottest and most talked about projects in the DeFi space

Chat in real-time

Build your network and engage with DeFi communities through real-time chat

Seamless tracking

Keep tabs on your crypto gains and losses with our advanced tracking tools

Take charge of your digital assets

Enjoy the freedom and security of fully decentralized trading and asset management with

Simplifying DeFi

No more jumping from dApp to dApp. Access everything you need from a single, unified app.

Empower your financial future

Take control of your financial future with – the must have app for crypto enthusiasts.

Designed by DeFi users for DeFi users

We know that navigating the DeFi world can be overwhelming. We've experienced the frustration of the industry's complicated processes and inadequate resources. That's why we've created a solution that simplifies the DeFi experience and empowers users like you to invest, trade, and earn with ease.


core functionalities is a powerful app that offers two core functionalities: DeFi tools and SocialFi. Our cutting-edge DeFi tools empower you to seamlessly trade and manage your crypto assets, while our SocialFi features help you connect with fellow crypto enthusiasts and build a thriving community.


unique tools & features

With over 20 unique tools and resources tailored to meet the average DeFi user's needs, is the perfect place to start your journey into the world of crypto.


monthly active users

Our ambitious goal is to achieve over 100 million monthly active users within five years after our launch. With our innovative and user-friendly app, we are committed to reaching new heights and taking the DeFi space by storm.


blockchain-powered mobile app is more than just an app. It's a vision for a world where everyone can easily access the benefits of decentralized finance. Join us in our mission of shaping the future of finance today!

Coming Soon

Unleash the power of decentralization in the palm of your hand. Our app will be hitting app stores soon!

Elevate your DeFi experience is the leading mobile app for effortless crypto and DeFi trading, education, and community interaction


Get full access to educational crypto and DeFi resources

Join communities

Connect with top industry experts and like-minded individuals


Discover new ways to earn with crypto

Browse NFTs

Explore the world of NFTs and discover rare digital art pieces, collectibles, and more

Buy and sell crypto

The most secure and easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Track projects

Track the performance of your favorite coins and stay updated about new projects